We’re All In This Together Despite The Communist Advances From The Antifa


We’re All In This Together, To Win The Fight Against The Bedroom Tax Despite Communist Advances From The Antifa.

Sophie Morgan and her Antifa “friends” are trolling certain Anti Bedroom Tax groups, pages and events pages and spouting their typical leftist political agendas. Their stating that anybody involved in any form of Nationalism is a “Nazi” and shouldn’t have involvement.

(Typical Blatant Communist Image From The Antifa’s Fan Pages.)

Kyle Huyton said. “I’m from Huyton, Huytons in Knowsley am I not allowed on this page as I know Stephen? Many of you aren’t from Knowsley at all.

I think I’m correct in thinking that the admins and organisers of this group and events detailed that nobody was to use the bedroom tax stand as a political platform or for their own agenda? Seems you are and you’ve forgotten that rule and you violating the rules set out by the groups creators.

Whatever anyone’s political beliefs, affiliation’s or personal life are and or is we are all here to make a stand and make that stand count a stand for a common cause. We feel we can contribute to this cause greatly considering the fact we have vast experience in effective demonstrations, endless resources and a great liaison and relationships with the appropriate police that would need to be notified if protests were to materialise.

We are not here just as you shouldn’t be to spout your own ideology or hate for others you don’t agree with. Also, I would like to Point out “ze Nazi’s” were brought to an end in 1945/1946 so technically and say this with confidence, technically its absolutely impossible to actually be a Nazi due to the fact they don’t exist. Seek yourself an education and stop filling this page and thread into a hate filled experience were all here under a common cause and we all want victory over the same farce of a tax. Something we’ll all feel the brunt of. Grow up, we should be uniting and putting our beliefs to one side. We can and will contribute vast experience and effective results.

Typical leftist scum, instead of showing a mutual support for each other as we’ve all done they use it still in their efforts to oppress the working class even further. Their also stating Nationalism is against the working class yet many of us are in fact the working class they claim us to be against when in reality most of them are the middle class dross who’ve been brought up with silver spoons and care little for the less fortunate.

The organisers of the groups and pages have told Sophie basically to piss off and we will and should carry on in the battle against the farce of a tax in an effort to support the working class of Great Britian. We will not be put off by the poison of the left we will plod on, push forward and make a stand, forging allegiances as and when we can. We are all in this together and we should not be put off by the dross of the ever oppressive Communist Antifa .


Liverpool “Scouse” Nationalists.

Links to our Facebook Fan Pages;

Mobile Device Link: http://m.facebook.com/ScouseNationalists?refid=5&ref=stream

Desktop Version:http://www.facebook.com/ScouseNationalists?ref=hl


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