Disabled pensioner intimidated and forcibly removed from Londis store on Long Lane, Walton by 4 ‘Asian’s’. © https://www.facebook.com/ScouseNationalists

ImageDisabled pensioner intimidated and forcibly removed from Londis store on Long Lane, Walton by 4 ‘Asian’s’. © https://www.facebook.com/ScouseNationalists


At approx 9.30pm last night (Sunday 4th August) the disabled pensioner and ex Kilmarnock Goal Keeper John ****** aged 62 entered the store for a few cans after heading down to Long Lane for a few pints during the late afternoon. He grabbed his 4 cans and headed for the till. He paid and said ‘thank you’ in his strong old Scotsmen accent the ‘Asian’ male behind the till then replied with “what the fuck did you just say” and called for someone to come down the stairs.


A few seconds later, running, a further 4 ‘Asian’ males came storming in and into the elderly mans face screaming to him “fuck off white old man” and ‘chibbing’ at him (an insult performed by certain minorities by sucking their gums/lips).


Scared, intimidated and left with no other option to make his getaway through the closed door to his back the old proud Jock made his exit with the ‘Asians’ pushing at his back.


John on his walking stick, already a bit worse for wear after a few scoops said he felt his legs were going to give way he felt so scared, he felt the 5 men were going to push him over or hit him. His old Scots pride finally came rushing through, he didn’t want to take this any more, he turned and shouted back at them “leave me alone you black bastards I’m an old man”. Admittedly a ‘racist’ slur but you try telling an old man being bullied by 5 ‘Asians’ to calm certain phrases. 


He reveals how only when he was outside he wanted to fight back as there would of been witnesses to which effect the asians continued to shout at him.


Too proud, he doesn’t want to call the police. He contacts me instead. I used to work with the man on the doors of the clubs and pubs of town where he was forced to hang up his blacks due to a double hernia in his stomach, hip and knee replacement, minor heart attack and 4 strokes. A measure of his pride is that even with the hernia and new hip he only retired after 2nd stroke. Bare in mind his heart troubles, this event could of killed him off.


I’m not printing this to cause any form of racial incohesion or any tensions of any nature. This is printed purely to enlighten the people to the dangers and to keep an eye out for the elderly and the vulnerable who along with young girls seem to be the biggest targets for racist bullies.


He says he’s never going back and I think its important other do likewise and or warn the local community. This happened at the Londis Convenience Store on Long Lane, Walton and the same ‘Asian’ man also has another Londis store on Walton Vale.


See our facebook page at © https://www.facebook.com/ScouseNationalists for all the latest. 


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